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Uses for Lye Soap!

Over the years it has been real interesting to learn really just how many use there are for lye soap. Our customers have shared many a story (many I wish we would have written down to remember them all) which is one reason we started our Guest Book here on the website so folks can share their story for all us to share and remember. However the main use of course is bathing. It is the only soap our family uses for bathing and shampooing. I will have to say of all the soaps we offer the Oatmeal is our favorite.  Lye soap works really well when doing dishes also. It is an excellent grease cutter. In fact you can't beat it to clean those hands after working on the car or the lawn mower. It cuts the grease off your hands much better than most commercial products.


Folks tell us Lye Soap works wonderfully on several kinds of skin problems. Dry scalp or dandruff (see our Guest Book), acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, insect bites, and burns to name a few. Of course the key to having any luck with skin problems is using the soap on a regular basis. Some conditions may require several applications throughout the day to help the healing process go quicker. A Lye Soap lotion works best for throughout the day application. ( I will tell you in a bit how to make a lotion you can carry with you.)


This is probably the most renown use for Lye Soap most will tell you they use it for. In fact this is about the only thing some people buy it for. I have had several customer tell me they just need a couple bars to keep on the shelf for when the kids get in the poison ivy. This is when I suggest they read this part of the website because as you can tell the soap is good for a lot more than just this. However a couple of hints on using the soap for poison ivy. If you know your going to be heading out and getting into an area that has poison ivy in it, Take some of your Lye Soap lotion and rub it on any exposed areas of your skin that may come into contact with the plant. What this does is puts a barrier between you and the oil that comes off the plant. And to further prevent any chance of getting the wonderful after effects of being in the ivy patch be sure an take a good hot shower with the soap when you get back in. The hot water will open the pores of the skin to help flush off any oil that may have settled on you. Be sure after lathering up really good that when rinsing you rinse from the top of your body down more or less rinsing everything away from you so there won't be any residual poison ivy oil left behind on you. 

PLEASE NOTE: any of the uses we tell of on this website are general information of either our own experiences or of those others have shared with us and is not meant to be any type of official medical advice in any way. We are not doctors and always recommend if in doubt you seek professional medical or other professional advice before hand.


If you want really nice clean smelling laundry and want to keep the colors bright and your whites white you cannot beat our original soap. We just scrape a few flakes off the edge of the bar and add it straight to the washing machine when doing wash. Not only does it keep the clothes bright and good smelling but it removes several types of stains such as grease, it is great for that ring around the collar and the sweat stains in the hat band. On some of the more stubborn stains you may need to take a bit of your Lye Soap lotion and rub in a bit before throwing it in the washing machine.

LYE SOAP LOTION - HOW TO MAKE IT   ( same process to make shampoo, dish soap and plant spray as well )

To make a lotion out of the soap it is really very easy. In fact it is a good way to recycle those small pieces left over from the shower. To make the lotion just take several small pieces and mix them with water. We recommend you use either a spring water or a distilled water. Something that has the impurities removed. Especially if your using the lotion for a skin allergy or something of the like. They put so many things in city water any more you don't know what you may be mixing into your lotion thus maybe even irritating your condition further. Also you may need to add a little heat when trying to get the soap and water mix if the pieces are really hard. Not much heat just a bit. Anyway just mix in enough water and stir it until you get the consistency you want for your lotion or dish soap or shampoo, whatever it is your making the mix for. Now be sure to put your mix into something relatively air tight so it won't dry right back out. If you need to take it with you in your purse or something just get a small squeeze bottle or a zip lock bag that your sure won't leak. We have also been told if you thin down the solution enough you can use it as a plant spray to keep unwanted bugs away from your plants.


Actually what makes our soap special is because what it is - it is All Natural. It is simply water, lard and lye. All natural products. We do not add any hardeners, fragrances, perfumes or dyes, etc. The soaps we do offer that you can smell comes from all natural oils to create that wonderful memory of Grandma's place. In fact the main special ingredient in our soap comes from the natural process called soponification. The process that takes place when the soap is cooked properly creates a wonderful glycerin content that nearly all commercial soap makers separate out and sell off to cosmetic companies and such. We don't do that - we leave it right in the soap like it was meant to be. We believe the glycerin to be the natural healing ingredient that makes lye soap so special and also helps keep the wrinkles away. Most people guess me to be about 15 years younger than I really am.


Keep in mind we certainly have not tried everything we have been told over the years but they tell us lye soap can be also be used for:

Catfish bait, hunters use it to remove scents before going out, keeping leather conditioned, getting rid of head lice, soothing sunburns, greasing hinges and drawer slides on your cabinets and doors, washing the dog, removing carpet stains, and many more things I can't remember right off. Just keep an eye on our Guest Book and see what folks come up with. Just when we thought we heard it all someone will come along and tell us of some other use for it. As to whether it really works or not you will just have to order some Lye Soap today and figure it out for yourself. Just as we have been over the years you will really be surprised how wonderful the soap is. Who knows you may even come up another use we have not heard of yet!

One note on the catfish bait. The customer we have for this always makes sure we pack and ship the original soap separate from anything scented. He says the scents will bleed into the original and he won't catch any fish. However if shipped separate he will catch several of the Big Ones every time!


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